Groves to fight in VEGAS!!

18 01 2010

George Groves will be fighting in Las Vegas on the undercard of the WBC & WBA Welterweight unfication fight between ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley and Andre Berto. The ‘Saint’ will be also be fighting this Friday in Essex, and will then travel to the States to fulfill a lifelong ambition of fighting under the bright lights of Vegas.

“It was Richard Schaefer who first mentioned it when I met him and Oscar De La Hoya over in Vegas at the Cotto fight and the first thing that David [Haye] said to me was ‘I haven’t even boxed in Vegas yet’, so I’ve got one up on my boss!

“So that’ll be fantastic, a great experience for me, not only for bragging rights but also it’s a different culture out there of boxing, a different style of boxing and you need to be out there even sparring or if you’re lucky enough, competing, to get a real feel for it so that when the time comes and you have to go Stateside you can bring something serious.

“So the only reason we’re not doing 10 rounds next is because I could be boxing 7 days later and with a trans-atlantic flight and that we don’t want to push it too much, so this will be an 8-rounder and then when I get out there it’ll probably be an 8-rounder again. From then on, if I’m boxing March or April time that’ll probably be a 10-rounder, hopefully a title eliminator or something.”

Groves is hoping to earn a shot at either the British or Commonwealth title in 2010 and few would bet against the former double ABA champion producing the goods.

“We’ve identified a few things, we were there to see Carl Dilks and Adamu box for the Commonwealth title, who got the nod, I believe I’d beat him tomorrow. But the one that everyone wants at the moment is the British title. I know there’s a long queue for that but I want a crack at that as well. I believe I could win that British title by the end of the season, by the summer time if they can put the fight together.

“Or a British title eliminator, because I know after 7 fights no one’s going to give it to me for nothing but I’m willing to fight any of the guys above me for that British title, just to get a shot.”

One factor that has helped the talented prospect develop at such a striking rate so far, has been the quality of his sparring, taking huge experience from being in with the likes of WBC World champions Carl Froch and Giacobbe Fragomeni. All being well, Groves had yet more exciting news to share, with the possibility of sparring with two more familiar names on the horizon.

“Sauerland promotions have been on the phone to Adam. They want me to go out in March maybe to spar with Arthur Abraham and maybe Kessler as well so that’s fantastic news for me because that sparring is priceless.

“They both pose different threats and you have to be totally switched on, just like when I was sparring Carl Froch or Fragomeni, one mistake and you can get found out. They’ll be like bouts for me anyway and I’ll be learning just as much there if not more than when I’m fighting next week so I’m just buzzing about that.”

A hugely promising year ahead then for one of the country’s brightest talents and an important fight this Friday night to kick-start that journey on an excellent Frank Maloney bill in Essex. For tickets, head to




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