Groves wins Commonwealth title!!

9 04 2010

George Groves produced a punch-perfect performance to become the first man ever to stop Ghanaian Charles Adamu and pick up the Commonwealth Super-middleweight title in the process at the MEN Arena in Manchester on Saturday night.

Boxing in just his ninth professional bout, the Saint dropped the reigning champion a total of three times on his way to a dominant sixth round stoppage win.Adamu, who had previously been the distance with current WBC World Champion Carl Froch, found himself on the canvas in the very first round after a venomous Groves right. Rising to his feet, Adamu was only met with further punishment as the Saint rained in combinations until the bell rang to save the Ghanaian.

Groves showed staggering poise and patience for a young pro in the following rounds, dominating the champion with jabs and neat footwork that made Adamu miss time and time again. Indeed, Groves appeared to better his opponent in every department, coming out on top in every exchange and even outmuscling the tough champion when he tried to haul the Hammermith man down in the 2nd.

Groves benefited from this work in the fourth flooring Adamu twice in an excellent round. Starting sharply, Groves fired in crisp jabs that unsettled the champion before a short right hand dropped him as he came forward. Groves again took his time before firing in a series of body shots and then another set of mean right hands to send Adamu to the floor again. This time Groves did look for the finish, but Adamu showed his signature durability and held on to see out the round.

Groves continued to outclass his man in the fifth, dominating center-ring and stalking Adamu whilst picking him off with his excellent jab. It was the sixth round that ultimately brought the stoppage though, with Groves again walking Adamu down and raining in hurtful rights. A series of exchanges culminated in an overhand right that staggered the Ghanaian and that was enough for referee Victor Loughlin to step in and call a halt to the one-sided contest.

It was a fine performance from the young Hammersmith fighter, who becomes the first man ever to stop Adamu and will no doubt have further cemented the his standing as one of the hottest emerging talents in British boxing.

“I was totally comfortable,” Groves told SkySports. “It was always my gameplan to try and be clean, keep my head as best as possible.

“I knew I could hurt him, although I shouldn’t have got stuck in – I lost it a little bit with the hype of the crowd. I wanted to get the clean knockout but it was nice to stop him.

“That’s what separates the best fighters in the world from the rest; you have to be patient, you can’t make mistakes.

“I’m still learning of course and will make some mistakes but I tried to be patient and as clinical as possible.”

Next up for the Saint may well be a clash with reigning British champion Paul Smith, a fight that he is eager to make.

“My next fight needs to be Paul Smith – because I’m gonna knock him out. I’m next in line, I can’t see anyone in front of me.”




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