Frank Warren: “I never shy away of putting on big fights”

30 07 2010

James DeGale’s promoter Frank Warren has told The Sun newspaper he will let his man fight bitter rival George Groves, but when the time is right. The experienced promoter, who has been involved with some of the biggest fights ever to be held in a British ring, has reassured fight fans they WILL see the rivals clash, but insisted “sometimes you have to get your timing right.”

“At the moment, there are calls for DeGale and Groves to get it on”, said Warren.

“That’s a fantastic fight, but to stage it right now with 16 fights between them would be premature.

“They are both big title fights in the making and 18 months down the line, all involved can make life-changing sums.”

Fans are keen to see the rivals clash as soon as possible, and the fighters themselves have expressed a desire to face each other, but while both have made impressive starts to their professional careers, they are still learning their trade and developing as fighters. It makes sense for the fight to come further down the line, when both men have established themselves more firmly in the professional ranks and added more titles to their names.




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