DeGale: “He’s the ugliest kid ever”

13 09 2010

James DeGale has blasted back at George Groves for attacking him in a YouTube video.

DeGale, 24, fumed: “What a moron. I don’t know who is feeding the geezer this s***.

“This ain’t the George I knew. He was a quiet, little ugly kid that lived in my shadow when we were amateurs.

“Now he’s got this new confidence, an aura, I don’t know what it is.

“The video he did, it’s like he was reading from something. He had it all planned.

“But he’s a very weird kid and I just don’t get it. They obviously sat at home and thought up this fantastic name, James ‘destined to fail’ DeGale.

“He’s the ugliest kid ever and I really can’t work out why he’s done this. I don’t really even want to waste oxygen on him.

“The geezer’s laughable. By the end of the video I was laughing, it was just funny.”

Read the full Sun article HERE




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