Groves: “Destined to Fail DeGale’ needs me more than I need him”

22 09 2010

George Groves has spoken to about the recent negotiations for his fight with James DeGale…

“We have said from day one that we are keen on the fight and we want it to happen. Frank Warren sent us a generous offer and we have in-turn made them a better offer, a substantially better offer, but as yet I haven’t heard anything back.” said Groves.
“If we make an offer we mean it. It is a serious offer, it is substantially more, therefore the only thing I can see them doing is excepting it, or if they are going to come back and offer me more, then I don’t mind either.” Groves added.

“He is not a marquee name, its not like after I beat him I’m going to be able to retire as an Hall of fame fighter or even necessary go on to fight for a world title. At the moment I feel he needs me more than I need him.”

“Hes sitting there after his fight on a PPV event, calling me out aggressively like that on TV. And saying that hes the golden ticket for these guys, these guys are living off his name and need him, well why is he calling me out then? It doesn’t make sense!” says Groves.

“But I think the reason he is calling me out is because he needs me. I’m the champion, I’m the main event fighter, Ive got my own Sky dates, I sell tickets, he doesn’t. I think they are thinking, we are having a show in London, so lets get Grovesy on, he sells tickets, so lets make this fight happen it will make financial sense. That’s the reason they have come after me.”

Groves when asked if the boxing drama they are creating, is all part and parcel of the pro ranks and if ever they met personally, things would be amicable? Groves didn’t hold back.

“I genuinely cant stand him, you know boxing people are usually the nicest people in the world, I couldn’t tell you anyone in boxing who I don’t like except him ‘Destined to Fail DeGale’,” said Groves.

“Since we became rivals in the amateurs, hostilities have built up, even though I haven’t really seen him for God knows how long, it as just been there to manifest, but that’s fine by me, because when this fight comes about, you know, its going to be a real fight, I’m here I mean business. I’m not a little kid now at fifteen and him seventeen, sparring as amateurs.” said Groves.




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