Groves: “James DeGale is deluded”

8 10 2010

Commonwealth champion George Groves has hit back at James DeGale’s recent comments in the September 30 Boxing News.

DeGale had said “I’ve known him since he was 12 and he’s lived in my shadow more than half his life. He has always been that little ginger kid who used to get beaten up in the gym by me,” and, “Groves makes too many mistakes and he leaves his chin in the air.”

Groves fired back: “He’s deluded, the only good sparring he got as an amateur was me.

“That was when he won two ABAs, failed at the Commonwealths, came back and got bashed up by me. If my chin was always in the air, ask him how many times I hit the deck when we sparred or if he even buzzed me. It never happened.

“Carl Dilks, his last opponent, did 12 rounds with Charles Adamu and whether you think it was controversial or not, he still lost. I took Adamu apart and won in six rounds.”

To read the full article, click HERE




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