Groves Rips Up DeGale: He’s Obsessed With Haye!

4 05 2011


Groves talks to Terence Dooley about DeGale…

“There is nothing meaningful behind his insults, there is no intellect behind it, he has no presence so nothing he said made an impact. If he did I’d have taken it a lot more seriously. Telling me my breath smells and then repeating the same thing again later made me think, ‘Wow, OK – if that’s the best you’ve got then you’re in for a world of pain’,” recalled Groves.

“I don’t think he’s done it to sell tickets or be a pantomime villain, he is just being himself – he’s a person that people don’t like, they don’t take to him and it was like that when he was a kid,” blasted Groves.

“People didn’t buy tickets to see him fight then and they don’t much like him now. I know he thrives under pressure but this is a different sort of pressure, the pride of northwest London is at stake.

“He won’t be able to pretend to be the type of fake celebrity that he so clearly wants to be after this. He won’t be able to do that act anymore so I’m not sure where he goes from here. There won’t be a role for him on the next series of This Is Essex after I’ve done a job on him.”

“Sometimes you can instinctively break down a style and have someone’s number. It is a common thing but it is not the case here, it is just that I know his ability and what I need to do to beat him,” stated the 12-0 (10) fighter.

“The things he does well stand out because he’s got an awkward style but I’ve seen him over time and the only things he’s improved on are the things he was good at in the first place, he hasn’t added to his game. I know he might look good against this or that opponent, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to me because I know what I have to do to take him out.”

“Jim has brought him along, improving on the stuff he did well anyway, but there is not a lot of variety to his game – he slaps, lets his hands go at a decent place but keeps his head low and in a strong position,” Groves opined.

“There is no real power in his punches even when he lands. He’s going to have to hit a lot harder to stop me. His defence is a block and fire defence. When he comes up against a fighter who is good at preventing him from firing he will come unstuck as the rounds go on.”

He added, “James needs opponents who don’t take him out of his comfort zone. Then he can relax, block and fire and pace himself. I’ve fought guys like that my whole life, especially in the amateurs because in some countries that is all they work on. He doesn’t seem to have anything else so I can get around that defence, it is pretty simple. It looks good when its working but when it doesn’t work he’ll be exposed.”

“I think he’s got an obsession with David Haye that I don’t quite understand,” he answered in response to DeGale’s claim that the 23-year-old is mimicking Haye. “I don’t know what his problem is with David. From day one it has been David Haye this and David Haye that – I think he must be a bit bitter about something. He is deluded.

“I signed with the Hayemaker team before he even went to the Olympics so I’m not sure where it stems from. I think he’s just worried that I can beat him in a number of different ways. One of them might be by using a lot of my boxing knowledge, which you sometimes see from David. I think he’s just trying it as a tactic to make me doubt myself, doubt my team and Adam Booth. But it is never going to work. I am one hundred percent confident in myself and my team, and what I need to do to beat DeGale.”

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