James DeGale and George Groves renew rivalries

6 05 2011

James DeGale and George Groves have renewed hostilities ahead of their clash at the O2 Arena on 21 May. The pair came face to face on Thursday at their old hunting ground at Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club where Groves inflicted defeat on DeGale as an amateur.

“It all came flooding back when I walked through the doors again,” said DeGale.

“All the blood, sweat and tears that it took for me to win that Olympic medal.

“It also reminded me of just why I don’t like George Groves.

“He thought he was going to the golden boy of British boxing, but he had to watch me get the glory instead.

“I used to play with him sparring here, and I’ll play with him when we meet on 21 May.”

DeGale, 25, says he hopes to fight for a world title by the time the 2012 Olympics begin and is not concerned by the threat posed by Groves.

“His biggest weakness is his defence, he has no defence. No defence at all,” added DeGale, who has been sparring with Welsh light-heavyweight Nathan Cleverly.

“He can’t box, he can’t fight on the ropes. He doesn’t know how to hold.

“The inside fighting bit, he just can’t do it. Basically he is going to get battered or be a kip on the floor. That’s it.

“Game over, ugly boy. You’re done. Finished, finito.

“I’m off moving onto bigger and better things, you’re going to be a kip on the floor or just battered and bruised.”

But Groves hit back by saying: “James knows that I can beat him, and that makes me a very dangerous opponent.

“He’s a good fighter but I’m winning the mental war ahead of this fight.

“I’ve got the psychological edge over him. I can see he’s worried. I spent so much time around him as an amateur that I can read him like a book.

“And he is in for a very painful chapter of his life at the O2.”




2 responses

6 05 2011
Carmina de Gale

‘All the Winning Best’ James ‘Chunky’ de Gale

18 05 2011

I hate to say it, but Degale will win this fight. But I would like Groves to pull it off.

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