Groves v DeGale – Full Fight

22 05 2011



3 responses

22 05 2011
Miss Carmina de Gale

Hi James
Continue to get a rematch ASAP!
Still keep your positive energy going.
Stay focused, controlled, to move on forward, with a wiser and insight to a stronger defence. James you can win your Title back, by moving faster than ever. Fight back to the top. Didnae worry, In our eyes you are still the Winning Best! xx

23 05 2011
Steven Milic

Degale got beat pure and simple! I dont know which fight Frank Warren was watching! But like Rocky said “There ain’t gonna be no rematch!” Groves outclassed Degale. And is the better boxer. George Groves needs to step up and challenge for a world title soon.

23 05 2011
gordon watson

If james degale had won do you think warren would give george a rematch . And james degale saying why don’t we bet on the fight cause I don’t want to give you a payday. ill cover ur purse money cause I’m getting paid more than you. To be honest I don’t think groves should give degale the opportunity for another payday. To me warren and team degale have been outclassed . And what is degales trainer doing encouraging his man to bet his purse away . As a trainer you are responsible for the wellbeing of your boxer not putting him in danger of not just losing the fight but losing his money aswell. Degale as noone in his corner that can keep his feet on the ground because his trainer as just as big mouth as he does. Argue all you like the proof is in the pudding. degale you lost the fight to a better man and its time to grow up or you will never get out of georges shadow

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